The Road to Sundance: on a shoestring budget

The cast & crew of this shoestring-budget film are about as far as they can be from Hollywood - as they stumble their way through the production process in this mockumentary series, set in Northeast Ohio.

About The Show

The comedy series centers on George “Lucas” Palmer and his feature-length movie, titled Where the Sun Sets in Purgatory, based on a screenplay by writer C.S. Nash.

After George retires early and cashes in his meager 401-k, he sets his sights on Hollywood. George manages to assemble a production team willing to contribute their time and talents, working under a modest film budget of $11,000, as well as the promise of a percentage of the take on the back-end. The more familiar they become with George and his naivety of filmmaking, the less optimistic they are that they’ll ever get paid. As Shane, the key grip, sarcastically says, “What’s five percent of zero!?”
George recruits Parker, a film student seeking an internship, as his assistant director and right-hand man on this journey. Parker quickly becomes disenchanted with George and his vision but keeps his sights focused on graduation. He plays nice with George as much as he can, but the two often clash over many things; including the addition of a “funny guy,” or comedic relief, to their dramatic film script.

The road to Hollywood isn’t paved in gold. It’s barely paved at all – with lots of bumps, potholes and construction at every turn. Either way, as George says, “It’s gonna be one hell of a trip!” 

Meet The Cast

A  group of  talented, highly skilled  individuals.

George Palmer

GEORGE is overzealous, lacks self-awareness and has no idea what he’s doing. While he can be an oblivious, bumbling fool at times, he has heart and makes you want to root for the underdog.


Parker is smart (and a subtle smart-ass.) He becomes the unofficial leader and, often, the only voice of reason for this ragtag crew. He's constantly cleaning up the mess George makes.


SHANE is a snarky trouble-maker. He quickly decides that George is an idiot and to cope, Shane constantly plays tricks on George, messes with the cast and creates turbulence along the way.


SCOTT is a burned-out, former college professor and proverbial oddball. He has no true agenda and simply drifts through the production as quirky comic relief, finding normalcy in the strangest situations.

Tryst Valentine

TRYST is a devotee of Tom Cruise, with an attitude that is undeservingly pompous and narcissistic. Extremely aloof and alienating, he refuses to show respect to anyone he works with. What he lacks in talent, he makes up for in ridiculousness.

Kelly Moss

KELLY is 40-something trying to play the 20-something female lead. She'll do almost anything to get out of Ohio to make it in Hollywood. Kelly is anything but thrilled to be a part of this film, but she’ll take a chance just in case it leads to something.

Danny Phoenix

DANNY is known for his “Sammie’s Sausage” TV spots. He’s overly naïve and trusting, and tries to see the best in others and the film...but can only justify so many unprofessional actions. Danny is the “straight man” in this group of misfits.

Bert (The Funny Guy)

BERT is failing businessman and a horrible amateur comedian. He's cast as the “funny guy,” for comedic relief in the film. He rehashes Henny Youngman and Rodney Dangerfield one liners as he’s squeezed into an already overloaded script.

C.S. Nash

C.S. NASH is a writer that Parker finds selling his script on Craigslist. He's furious when he realizes George made strange changes to his script. He crashes the auditions, shows up on set unannounced and wants to make sure George doesn’t screw up his masterpiece.

Bruce (The Investor)

BRUCE is a short-tempered, egomaniac, and George’s only true investor. He thinks of himself as a gutsy-yet-savvy businessman.  Bruce will show up on set unannounced, to keep an eagle eye on his investment. He may be the only true villain to everyone. 

Bruce’s Daughter

BRUCE’S DAUGHTER an extremely unattractive woman, of unknown age or history, who is anything but camera-friendly. George is forced to cast her in the film and he and Parker must find ways to “fix" her appearance...and terrible "post-op,” whatever that is.


TOBY is an enthusiastic “hanger-on.” He’s eager to be a star and he’s sure he will be if only given the chance. Toby is thrilled to be an emergency stand-in for Tryst in the film. He’s willing to go the extra mile to fulfill his dreams.


Road To Sundance: on a shoestring budget
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Where The Sun Sets In Purgatory
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Road To Sundance Series Playlist
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Episode 1

"Money & Credit"

Episode 2

”Camera Tricks &
Pumpkin Spice”

Episode 3

“Less Money, Mo' Problems"

Episode 4.01

“Drew Carey"
(Part - 1)

Episode 4.02

“Drew Carey”
(Part - 2)

Episode 5

“The Salmon-Colored Jacket”

Episode 6

"Leap of Faith"

Episode 7

“Lake Effect"

Episode 8

“Star Light, Star Bright"

Episode 9.01 

“Family Matters"
(Part - 1)

Episode 9.02 

“Family Matters"
(Part - 2)

Episode 10

“Werewolves, Webcams, & Lasers”

Episode 11

“Spring Break”

Episode 12


Episode 13

“April Fool’s”

Episode 14

”Cut & Paste”

Episode 15

“Promotion & Post-Op”

Episode 16.01

”Pre-Screening & Submission"
(Part - 1)

Episode 16.02

“Pre-Screening & Submission"
(Part - 2)

Episode 16.03

“Pre-Screening & Submission"
(Part - 3)

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